Friday, November 27, 2009

The day after...

Not your "average" deer...

I took this pic of one of the dozen or so free range male elks that reside behind us. This guy is big, probably pushing 600 or more pounds...I'm guessing he is easily five feet or more at the shoulders, quite a magnificant specimen of wildlife! I also was able to get another shot of this guy and his buddy, see my new Windee Acres Farm back drop picture at the top of my blog.

We were blessed to be able to celebrate our Thanksgiving today with our son and his girlfriend. Jan out did herself once again and made an outstanding feast of turkey, green bean casserole, butternut squash, corn pudding (all of which came from our garden..except the turkey :-)), mashed potatoes and stuffing, not to mention her "impossibly easy" pumpkin pie which I plan to sample later tonight!

This year, Jan brined the turkey with hard cider and it was sooooo moist, more so than I can ever remember...Kudo's to Jan for another wonderful dinner!

Life is good!


  1. Beautiful. But probably tasty as well. Your neighbor raising them to sell for butchering?

    Good job on your homegrown Thanksgiving feast! Most of mine came from the store, but it was still good. Jan's turkey sounds amazing.


  2. Hi Faith, I have never tasted elk, so I don't know if it is similar to venison, I would assume so. I assume he is raising them for butchering, however, he does not have a store on his property as many do that are in this type of business. I think he may have a game farm elsewhere, but I'm not sure. His home is so far away from us, I have never met him to ask.

    The turkey was very good..I'm thankful we still had garden goodies to eat. Next year we plan to grow more potatoes, using your approach with the boards.

    R Dean..

  3. What an absolutely gorgeous animal! We have moose here in New England - they're just goofy looking, not to mention dumb. There's an elk farm in Maine that we pass by enroute to visit my daughter. We always stop and admire these majestic animals. They let us reach through the fence and touch them if we feed them corn which we can get for a quarter from a small vending machine at the fence. I'll have to send my husband on an elk hunt sometime. He's hunted moose but I think an elk would be the ultimate for him.