Sunday, January 3, 2010

Blizzard of 2009...

At least 100 bucket fulls or 500 cubic feet of snow moved!

Our F150 buried alive!

Snow was over the door knob!

West side of the F150...4 wheel drive low couldn't even budge it from this snow entrapment...

Figured we MIGHT have a white Christmas!

Snow day! No school...yippeeeeee!

I'm stuck!

Snow dogs!

Let's build a fort under the tree!

Takin' a breather...

Play comfortably in our nice warm house...we're not spoiled though!

It's been a while since I last posted, actually over a month now, so what a better time to jump back into the blogosphere! I'll start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

Back on December 8th, we had an awesome blizzard! After everything was said and done, we got about 15-1/2 inches of snow. That, coupled with the drifting that the 40+ mph winds brought made for a very interesting couple of days. It took me almost all day to move snow so we could get out of the house. The driveway was the worst, the snowfall combined with the drifts required several hours of tractor time to clear 200 plus feet just so we could get to the road. Along the way I only got the tractor stuck three times, well, really only twice, the first time I barely made it out of the garage before I got it stuck!

Hope you enjoy the pics...

Peace...R Dean


  1. So, that 12/8 blizzard must have buried you for a while. But aren't you getting an even worse blizzard in the last day or something? I was hearing 8 feet of snow and 70 mph gusts!

    The dogs look like they are in snow heaven. LOL Nothing better than a warm place to snooze after fun like that.


  2. Glad you have you back! Your pictures reminded me of when I lived up in Northern Ohio. I can remember walking out of a second story window onto a snow drift.
    Your dogs looked like they had fun.
    Once again, I'm glad your back.

  3. Man, I'm jealous...I love snow! We haven't got squat this year and I am sorely dissappointed.

  4. Faith, please don't wish that on us!!! :-O

    I didn't catch the weather, not sure where that storm is..maybe Oklahoma?? I think they got hit hard today..

    We got a break from the cold today, it was balmy, no minus zero wind chills...

  5. Tracey, feel free to drive up here and remove some from our property! :-)) Actually, take all you's free! LOL...I'm sure the pups would love it!

  6. Thanks SFG! Hasn't gotten that bad, but if we had a couple days of blizzard conditions, I could see how it could literally criple you...

    Good luck with your resolutions!

  7. Oh wow...we would have so much fun in that much snow.
    But there is a whole other side of all that snow and that would be the digging out and then the cleaning up that wouldn't be so fun.

  8. Country Whispers, it is fun, and very clean in the country compared to in the city..stays pristine..very white! Our dogs LOVE it! But you're right..digging out is a chore...this is the first year with the tractor and it has come in VERY handy....

    R Dean

  9. Just came across your blog and need to find some time to come back and read some more. Come on over for a visit and grab some of our Texas warm wishes for all you having to deal with the bitter cold!