Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back into the cold...

Up close and personal with one of the Blue Men after the show...
She is sooooo impatient!!!

Crashed in the back of the mini-van!

Got food?

Romantic carriage ride...

John "squared" (our carriage driver and his horse)

I don't know why my neck is stiff...

Can I text my friend when you're done with the Blackberry?

Is that my BALL?

Molly and Maggy...Chillin'

Nitschke and his BALL!!
You missed the turn to the doggie park...DUMMY!!!

Some cool art at the House of Blues
Hey folks...we are back from a short jaunt to the Sunshine State and let me tell you, the weather was superb! However, being born and raised down South, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that weather in Florida during January is just a teaser and the worst is yet to come!

Fortunately, we were able to enjoy a couple days of vacation while we traveled to Orlando for business, stopping briefly in TN to visit family. Although the trip had its "hectic" moments, all in all it was fun! We introduced the kids (our dogs) to a serious road trip seen from the back half of a rented mini-van that Jan customized into a cool dog pad of soft blankets and dog toys. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised at how well they behaved in such cramped quarters...Not once did they ask..."are we there yet" or argue about who got to sit next to the window!!! Pretty impressive, huh?

Once there, we picked up our rented RV (or as we came to know it as...Crap Wagon) and headed to Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground. We chose Fort Wilderness Campground because they accepted dogs (THREE LARGE DOGS!!!). I must say, I was extremely pleased, we had a great campsite, the campground was clean, the staff was overly pleasant and it had an off leash DOG PARK!!!!!...

Hope you enjoy the pics...


R Dean


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time! It's really hard to find places that will take any animals. I do have one question, how long does it take a blue man to get all that blue makeup off?

    Oh and have you ordered your seeds yet? I'm holding off like a good girl til March.

  2. That looks like fun. The dogs looked like they had a ball.(Get it..ball.) The pictures of them sleeping in the back makes me want to get in there with them and snuggle. lol Glad your back.

  3. Looks like a fun trip. I can't imagine taking 3 large dogs for a far away trip. We take one large and one small plus 3 kids on a two hour trip and all you hear is Are we there yet?
    And as a bonus we have a few that get car sick.

  4. Denise, yes, it is difficult to find places that accept pets, mostly 3 large dogs who have a combined weight of over 200#'s...If you like to camp, Disney is a great place if you are down in that neck of the woods...we were surprised at how many "older" people there were expect to see people with young kids...Don't know about the make-up..I think it is like a latex material, as you can see, his ears are completely covered...they were hilarious..check them out if you get a chance...And, we have not ordered seeds yet, Jan has a bunch left over from last year and also dried a bunch of them out...keeping our fingers crossed for another successful harvest!

  5. SFG, got it!! :-) Yes they did! Well, except Molly, she was "unofficially" banned from the Disney dog park, she doesn't play well with she held down the RV fort while Maggy and Nitschke went to the park!
    You could snuggle with them in anything but a white would have lab hair ALL over yah...they shed like CRAZY!!

  6. Country Whispers...ahhhh car fun! Fortunately, nobody got sick, but they did have some bad gas occasionally!!! QUICK...Roll down the windows!!! hahahaha...