Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our source of warmth...

Before picture...delivered, split and ready to stack!

After picture...approximately 3 hours later...thanks to both of us working, me stacking wood and Jan loading it with our SC2400 tractor

Neatly stacked inside our out building away from the elements.

Still more wood left to stack outside...but it's out of the main driveway.

We had another cord of wood delivered this past week, so we are set for the remainder of the season and well into next winter! We have a wood burning stove that we use as our primary heating source for the house. Although we have central heat, we prefer to burn wood instead, it is more cost efficient than LP gas, which costs about $225 per fill up (depending on the cost of a gallon at that particular time). Up until about a month ago, we had not had to have our LP tank filled for over a year, thanks to the wood burner! But, since we were going to be away for a week and a half, we figured we better fill it before we left.
A cord of hard wood costs $175, split and delivered, and depending on how cold the weather is, we typically use about 3/4 of a cord for the season. If we didn't have the stove, I estimate we would easily go through two tanks per winter, maybe more! This time, we had our tractor to move the cord around. The last several cords we purchased was moved around by the "wheel barrel method"...Needless to say, I'm really loving the tractor A LOT!

R Dean


  1. Ahh the security of a good stack of wood!!

  2. I agree with Tonia. When I walk outside and see the woodpile we have next to out barn, I can't help but smile.

  3. Tonia, if the cold weather doesn't subside soon, we will be ordering another cord soon!!!!

  4. Ahhhh...the uniformity of a neatly stacked wood pile!! Obsessive Compulsive R Dean:-))