Monday, January 10, 2011

Starting My Week...

Had a beautiful skies both days...and "somewhat" mild temperatures (for da Midwest yah know)...the two-leggers (chickens) and four-leggers (dogs) loved it!!! This morning I was "supposed" to fly to Atlanta and then onto Newport News Virginia...BUT...Old Man Winter had other plans for single handedly wreak havoc on the Southeastern part of the United States...maybe still some bad blood from the South still holding onto so many Confederate Flags...don't know...just a guess!!! Hahahaha....that was stupid!!! Guess I'm listening to "too much" Skynrd these days!!!

Anyhow...whatever!!! Oh wait...forgot to mention the weekend was highlighted by the Packer's beating the Eagle's!!! On to Atlanta next week...woooohoooo!!!


Silo horizon...

You going to throw the "orange ball" for me???

You take too long two-legger...I will put my "orange ball" in the chucker MYSELF!!!

Calendar boy!!! The girl doggies love this pose!!!

Protectin' my favorite frisbee during nap time...

Russell Crow enjoying some "out of coop" time...


  1. Hubby is in Atlanta now! He said that people down there DO NOT know how to drive in snowy weather. lol. He said everything was shut down. EVERYTHING! Oh well, I guess we will be getting some more too. I don't know about you, but I've had enough! Your doggie pictures are the best.

  2. We were looking forward to about 5 inches.. Yeah we have about 1.... There is still some falling but I dont think it will last long..
    The dog and his orange ball Cracks me up! Our little house dog Tink hides her ball under her chin when she is done playing. She wont move anything but her eyes!
    Great pics Enjoy the snow!

  3. Love the photos of your damn gorgeous dogs!

    And dammit, I want your snow! It's supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow, BUT, the freakin' rain will melt it away Wednesday. *sigh*

    What a beautiful area for the dogs to run in. LOVE your header photo!

  4. For some reason, I was thinking you were in the New England area, not Wisconsin.

    Yeah boy - Atlanta got hit hard. What a strange summer AND winter we've had.

    They are the cutest! Your dogs are your kids. You know that, don't you? LOL


  5. SFG, I hope your husband made it home safely from Atlanta! I ended up flying there the following Monday, so Mother Nature had once again reverted to her natural "calmness"...I did hear today that they (Atlanta) have received 20X their annual snowfall, a whopping 6 inches...hahaha...had to chuckle a bit about that statistic!!!

  6. Tonia, thanks for the comment...Yes, the orange ball could probably evolve into a story book, if I could write good enough, but unfortunately...I can't!! How do the goats like the cold weather and snow???

  7. Hunde Haus...please send me your address...we'll bring dump trucks full of snow to give your ground some "whiteness"..hahaha...plenty on the ground here to go around...plenty!!!

    Thanks for the compliments on the dogs..they are our them so much!!!

  8. Faith, yes, they are our nailed that one! We are actually in NE Wisconsin, about 50 miles North of Milwaukee and in about 15 miles West of Lake Michigan, so we get PLENTY of snow from the lake!!!