Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year...

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year and has kept to all of those resolutions made as you toasted in the New Year! I purposely didn't make any resolutions this year, at least I didn't make any "known", which plays in my favor...because no one will know if I break one! Ha!

And most importantly, thanks to all of you who have not "unsubscribed" to my blog, which is much appreciated! I plan to "blog with cause" this year...perhaps less blogs, but with more substance...well maybe...

I do look forward to getting back into the routine of perusing the blogs of others, mostly those that follow mine, so I have a lot of catching up to do as well as finding some new ones to follow!

For the most part, not much to report from Windee Acres...Chicken's are doing well...we did lose one about two months ago. We have concluded she was ill in some way or another. She had stopped laying (which is unusual at such a young age) and now I look back and recall some occasional problems with eggs, the laying of eggs while roosting (hence building the egg trampoline) and the memorable "nerf egg". In addition, I "think" she was also the one that habitually tried to get out of the coop, succeeding on three occasions, the last leading to her demise unfortunately. So, we are down to five pullets and Russell Crow, who pesters the girls with every chance he gets, including "crowing" at 3am this morning...Wake up!!! Oh, and I'm happy to say, I have actually sold eggs...I'm selling them for $1.50 a dozen to co-workers. My incentive is simply to recover my investment in feed, so we'll see how that goes in 2011.

The weather is and continues to be cold, wet, windy, gloomy, foggy...hmmmm....sorry I've depleted my weather adjective quota for today...but you get it!

And then the dogs...ahhhhh yes, our crew of misfits...our "kids"...the mischeivious four-leggers...which are so near and dear to our hearts...

 Nitschke with "his" infamous orange ball...

I want the orange ball!!!

Nitschke...I WANT THE BALL!!!

Does it hurt when I bite your neck...LIKE THIS!!!

Does it hurt YET???

Back-up has ARRIVED!!! Let's tag team Nitschke!!!

I'm not giving up my orange ball!!!

Intimidation look from mama Molly...submissive look from Nitschke...

Look Molly...I still have "my" orange ball...


  1. Oh the life of dogs. Wouldn't it be nice to only worry about an orange ball? lol. Glad your back!

  2. I was wondering what happened to ya. So happy you are back! I was having dog pic withdrawl LOL.

  3. SFG, for Nitschke revolves around a simple "orange ball"...when he goes out...he sits and stares at his chucker hanging on a nail...waiting for his two-legger to throw the ball for him!!

  4. Denise, thanks for the kind words...can't wait to get back to your blog...hope your chickens are doing well!!!

  5. Always good to see you blogging.

    I don't do resolutions. I figure if it's important enough to do, I shouldn't wait until a certain date to do it. Now, why I am not doing all those things I ought to be doing, I'll never know. LOL

    We sure have ourselves a winter, don't we. I had a hen that was not quite right either. Birth defects, though. Most of her hatch died. I was pleased she and a few others survived, but they were not the healthiest birds in many ways.

    That's a good deal for farm fresh eggs. Especially if they are free range. Technically they are, according to government standards, even if they really are not. I give mine away. We get so much help that it's the least we can do, try to share what we have.

    Great dog food, too. :o)


  6. Faith, we definitely have a winter going on up in Wisconsin, not sure where you guys are at, I think somewhere down south, TN or KY, not sure...we have plenty of snow on the folks are in Knoxville and they are getting more snow today...heard Atlanta is supposed to get dumped on today also, which may deter my travel tomorrow!

    I agree with you...I think $1.50 is a good deal and we too give away some of our eggs to our neighbors and colleagues...Unfortunately for us, we don't feel comfortable letting the birds free range because of our dogs...but I would love to be able to let them free range someday! Jan takes the dogs into the coop on lead to socialze them, but it is a different story if the birds are out free and they start running...dogs instinctively want to give chase!

  7. Glad you are back! Your pictures make me miss our labs.... Sort of... Till I remember the feed bill!lol
    You asked about Ethel being separated from the herd. She miscarried her baby about 3 weeks ago. So she wasn't feeling well at all. Then had to be given Lutalyse(which is an hormone) to finish cleaning out. It also causes her to come into a strong heat and makes her irritable. So Iwas waiting for that to wear off so she wouldnt be so grumpy abotu things. It is due to Selenium deficiency that she miscarried.
    On price it depends on your area really. This is what I get- $75-150 for bottle baby Does(females) Cross bred and unregistered but I can show parentage on most of them I do have some does that are registered. My bucks sell for $50-60, $35-40 wethered(castrated) as bottle babies or soon after weaning at 12 weeks. There is a wide range of variables to all of it.
    Registered your price goes up and the more well known lines get alot more $$. I am in it for the milk and meat I select on what they can produce and personality. Because if they cant be handled easily they usually find a new home. However they do pretty good at the local fairs when the girls show them..
    A couple of goats are perfect for small working at being self sustaining Farms when a cow is not practical.