Friday, October 29, 2010

How can politician's circumvent the "no call" list...???

Well, according to "me"...unsolicited political campaigning via telephone is no different than an unsolicited call from somebody trying to sell you "something"!!! In Wisconsin, we can sign up to be on the "no call" list...but apparently, politician's are exempt from following the law...Oh well, am I surprised??? Hell no...!!!

But, everytime we get one of these annoying calls, I cannot help but recall one of the funniest prank calls I have heard, thanks to Tom Mabe, a somewhat regular comedian on the Bob and Tom syndicated radio show which we listen to from time to time...

I hope you enjoy his humor...maybe my sense of humor is warped, but how funny would it be if some right wing (okay...left wing too) conservative called somebody up and got involved in this kind of phone conversation...I hope some day I will have the wit to pull something like this off on a telemarketer...

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