Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Call it what you may...

Fall or Autumn, regardless, we finally got into the low 30's, not down to freezing but pretty darn close...which resulted in this beginning of a beautiful sunrise...had to scrape the truck window's off yesterday morning...ahhh, Fall/Autumn weather in Wisconsin!!!

Sun rising above the corn rows...with traces of fog in the low lying area's...

Our normal daily take...4 eggs, 6 pullets...hmmm...the math ain't addin' up folks!!!

Russell Crow struttin' in his pad with two of his girls...

My "make-shift" egg trampoline, out of netting...if this works to save the egg that keeps getting layed at night, I'll build a more sturdy version with legs...

Sunflower party...

Should we be worried about the black spots on Russell's comb??? Does anyone know what it is and why the comb looks like this??? 

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by the blog!!!

Peace...R Dean
(aka...non-blog rambler today)


  1. I like your egg sling. lol. You maybe only getting 4 eggs because it take larger breeds of hens 36 hrs to make an egg. See, it does add up. lol. I wouldn't worry about the spots on his comb. Of course this is coming from a person whos rooster gets frost spots(frozen spots that turn black) on its comb.

  2. Hmmmmm....interesting...frost spots??? Where did you read that??? 36 hours??? So in theory, all my pullet's are laying...in theory anyway...

    Guess what??? The egg trampoline WORKED!!! Yeah...victory...another egg saved for consumption!!!

  3. Yay! So wonderful that the trampoline worked. Now you need to train that particular hen to lay it where she is supposed to be laying it...maybe with the shorter days she'll start laying in the early morning...;)

  4. I tend to agree with small farm girl -- on both the # of eggs you are receiving and Russell's comb spots. Nothing to worry about -- but something to keep in mind as the temps drop. I have a rooster that lost all of his toes one winter because he wouldn't come inside the coop.

  5. SMG/Nancy...how exactly do you train a chicken???

    Thanks for your advice, we will keep track of Russell once the temp's drop...