Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Keeping up the latest tradition...

which is posting about once a week...

Had a productive day in the garden Sunday, we pulled out most of the remaining vegetation, including about a half-dozen "huge" sunflower stalks, for which I had to dig out with my shovel!!! We'll think twice about where we plant them next year...Only have a few piles to toss in the compost and the weeds will get tossed into my "infamous" burn pile that WILL get burned this year!!!

Jan took some awesome pics of some Bluebirds last week...I'll be uploading some even better shots of them to some of the photo sites to see if they will earn her a prize or something!!!

Can't wait for the end to Day Light Savings Time, even though it will mean getting up even earlier to take advantage of some extra light...Right now, I am lucky to get an hour after work by the time I get home...but hey, at least I have an hour of sunlight to enjoy, so looking at it that way, I'm lucky!!!

Swooping in for a fat tadpole dinner...

Well, they're not on a telegraph line Elton, but will the bird bath suffice???

Hey...listen to me...when the two legger tells us to lay down, I'm going to sit....heheheheee...

50 degrees outside and Nitschke boy still finds it refreshing to play in his pool...

Garden clean-up day...sunflowers still standing tall and mighty. in the background...

Who needs night vision goggles...I eat carrot's...

Do you see the size of that root system...???

Sunflowers down along with the fence line...we're gettin' er done!!!

Until next week or perhaps sooner...Peace my friend...R Dean


  1. Looking so good!
    Nitschke is such a rebel. LOL

    Do they have git'er done up north, too? I thought that was a southern thing.

    I'm looking forward to the time change as well. I will get up and get going earlier, but nights will be longer and more restful. I hope.


  2. Hey, I got one of them there swimmy pools! The dogs, geese and ducks fight over who gets to play in it first.

    And git-r-done? That's a Nebraska saying -- Larry the Cable Guy is from Nebraska. :) Just sayin'.

    Garden is lookin' good. Can you please come over and clean mine when you are done? Please and thank you.

    Have a great day/week.

  3. Hope you saved that sunflower seed for the chicks cause mine sure do love them. Had to pick up a 50 lb bag last week at Tractor Supply for them for over the winter. I planted some seed but it didnt come up...next year definitely will be better...

  4. The Craziness of Larry the Cable Guy didnt stay in Nebraska!Lol...
    Those Sunflowers are HUGE!! I am with on the once a week posting.. I dont intend for it to happen but I am down to 1-2 a week I think.. Its just been so crazy here the last couple of months..
    We have been cleaning out Garden spots and putting in a layer of goat barn Mulch for the winter..

  5. Holy crap, that sunflower root is ginormous!! Must have put up quite the fight!

    I agree. Day light savings sucks. Darkness at 6:30 is ludicrous.

    Love the rebel in your group who will just stay sitting! Hahahaha :)))

  6. Faith, Nitschke a rebel...NOOOOO...hahaha...oh yeah...we have git er done up in the Midwest tooooo... :-)

  7. Nancy...First...Hoping next year we will have a duck or so to enjoy the pool...with the boy...and NO..cannot come over to help with the garden!!! ;-) hahahaha...can hardly keep up with ours....Continue to crack up when we see your cousin Larry! ;-)

  8. Denise, yes....JD saves a "ton" of seeds each year... ;-)

  9. HH...cutting and digging out the sunflower roots was a challenge, but what was more frustrasting was when the damn things crashed down on my head...OUCH!!! They are "HEAVY"!!!

  10. Tonia, so have you reached out to Larry to stop by and interview your goats??? ;-P Bet he could use the interview for some new material!!!