Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Well, I'm happy to report...SIX eggs today...okay, do the math...hmmm...six pullet's = six egg's!!! YEAH!!! What an accomplishment!!! We do have six "normal" pullet's after all...

With the deterioration of our "ever so" precious sunlight, it is all I can do to get things done after work!!! In addition to taking care of the chicks, feeding them, watering them, reading to them...LOL, I have been putting in an hour or so of "tractor time", for which really makes me respect farmer's even more!!! Good thing for headlights!!! Have I ever said...geez...I wish I could be a farmer...what a cool life that would be...

Okay, enough of my "rambling"...

Here are some pictures...because without pictures...you know what that means... ;-)

Watch this...I can juggle three eggs...with one hand!!!

A "Black Capped Chickadee" that thinks all the food is his/hers...???

Oh look!!!...more leaves to rake up!!!

Color's of Fall, without having to leave home!!!

And this time with an old barn and silo in the picture...COOL!!!

This ain't trick photography...the pond is reflectin' the Fall colors...

Playing around again with manual settings...

Deck monkey's...

Okay...have popcorn...need movie...geez...our chicken's eat good!!!

Your's truly..."not" fittin' in with my camo-hat, Tractor Supply t-shirt and jean's with burn holes in 'em!!! But at least I wasn't wearing a Bear's jersey in Malone, WI...Give me an f'ing break!!!

I'm contemplating using this for my next album cover...Thoughts???

Or maybe this one...

1/2 bushel of apples $16...beats the hell out of equivalent in-store cost of $35 plus (at $1.49 a pound)...I love livin' in the country!!!

Until later...Peace R Dean ;-P


  1. The picture for the next album depends on what the album is about. lol. Your attire would fit in nicely here where I live. I just got 2 bushels of apples(seconds) for $12 per bushel.lol

  2. Hey, your photos just look better and better all the time. If this keeps up this blog will be a photography how-to blog. My camera is broken and I'm very unhappy about that.

    Deck monkeys. LOL

    I just love your views.

    We have 6 layers, and one day last month we got 8 eggs. They actually lay on a 22 hour schedule, or thereabouts. Shorter than 24 hours anyway. So if you time it just right, you can land in the overlap.

    Great post, as usual. :o)


  3. Great about the chicks finally earning their keep! Watch that egg juggling. I tried it and dropped one. Never forget to take my basket out with me now. Havent tried popcorn on them.

    Album cover...road to nowhere? Let us know when it comes out ;)

    My hubby and I have Tractor Supply shirts though we dont wear camo lol. Farmers can pace themselves all day you know though their day is long. My father-in-law has lights on his equipment and sometimes when the harvesting was good and a storm was coming the next day they would be out there til 10 pm.