Monday, September 27, 2010

Peripheral blogging...

Remember, without photo's, your blog, for lack of a better!!!

So, you learned a new term tonight...not "sucks", you already knew what that meant..."peripheral blogging" from the blogonary (I just made that up)...simply put, the ability to blog while doing something this case, watching the Packers losing to the Bears at halftime...arghhhhhhh...who says a guy can't multi-task???

Well, we made some headway in "draft-proofing" Coop-de-Ville yesterday, and the resident's reported a "less than drafty" overnight!!! The second generation of Coop-de-Ville, "Coop-de-Condo" will begin next Spring when the renovation of the existing 10 x 12 garden shed takes shape!!! The resident's are already clucking with excitement over the news!!! I crack myself up...

More good news, we're getting three to four eggs per day!!! Pretty soon we'll have enough to share with the neighbors...

And finally, even BETTER news!!! Found the source of the "dead animal" stench in the garage (sorry no pictures), a field mouse had gotten inside and for whatever reason...decided to die and started stinking something fierce!!! It's surprising how such a small little shit of a rodent can stink SOOOOO bad!!! When we first moved in, I purchased a few of these electric devices you plug into the wall that emit sound waves that supposedly deter rodents from entering the building...Perhaps it kills them too...not sure, but who less rodent is a good thing!!!

Doorway framed in to prevent door drafts..."hopefully"

Shuttered window opened up (used attic window with glass on left, screen on right for ventilation)

Nice fit...should reduce, if not eliminate drafts through the window...

"Sponge Bob Egg Pants" of the girls dropped him during the night, landed on the "poop" tray...he literally feels like a sponge ball...



You talkin' to me???..YOU TALKIN' TO ME???

New camo tarp, it's vogue in the chicken community...

The "kids"...looks like they are up to somethin'

Wasp!!! They're the real deal man...not the White Anglo Saxon Protestant type...

Probably our last basket of veggies for the season...

Bucket of garden fresh chicken treats with "bugs on the side"...Lucky chicken's!!!

Sunflower seeds galore...

Nice melon' pun intended... ;-P

Peace...R Dean


  1. You been tippling a little during that game or just been cooped up too much? lol. Never had a squishy egg...did you put it in the compost pile? And you gave all those tasty tomatoes to the chicks? Didnt you save any for seeds? Your chicks are about as spoiled as mine ;)

    The watermelons look mighty tasty. Never had luck with watermelons although I did grow some pie pumpkins this year.

  2. You are too funny! I have gotten a few of those spongy eggs. It happens. lol. Oh, and this melons are fabulous. lol. No pun intended. lol

  3. Why do the eggs get spongy?? This will be on my mind all day now!

    It's always such a treat to come to a blog where they grow their foods. All so bloody colorful...I love it!

    Your dogs are handsome!!! They look like they are waiting for a stick or ball. Or maybe a cookie?

  4. Love your before and after. LOL

    We got a shell-less egg last week as well.

    Nice job on the chicken ride! Really fixed them up well! Now if you can just automate feeding, watering, and egg delivery to the kitchen counter, they'll be set.

    My dad made a ramp that the eggs would roll outside the coop when laid in the nest. It was pretty cool.

    Your wife is so right. Pics make the whole thing. LOL


  5. Do those electronic thingies work? Our mouse killers run on kibble.

    And, the stench goes away after there's no more decaying "stuff." So, even if you don't find the offending smell, it will disappear in due time.

    Fun times! :)

  6. I have heard of soft eggs but dont remember ever getting one.
    This blog was so rambly compared to your normal!Lol All well its good to mix it up a little!But I have to say a blog is so much better with pics.. I have read a few that didnt have to have them but generally pics are the thing that make it better..

  7. Denise, NO...I wasn't tipsy...hahaha....Regarding the squishy, threw it out in the corn field...Trust me, we kept a ton of tomato's...the chicks got the left overs...LOL, but they are still spoiled!!!

  8. Hunde Haus...I think, but I'm not sure that the root cause of the spongy egg was lack of development...We still have a pullet laying eggs at night...hence my "egg trampoline" idea!!! Yeah!!!

  9. Nancy, we have pondered the kibble type...BUT...afraid the dogs would harrass them too much...they don't seem to fancy cats!!!

  10. Faith, I'm not surprised your dad devised such a thing...from your posts, he seems like a genious when it comes to figuring things out!!!

    I bet he has some patents, right???

  11. SFG, I'm sure your hubby would agree!!! LOL

  12. Tonia...Rambly??? Oh I'm so hurt...hehehe...