Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tomato Sandwich...

For any of you not familiar with how to prepare the most "ultimate" tomato is the's quite simple, obviously...because it is coming from a man...

-Cut a ripe tomato (any large type will do) into thin slices, approximately 1/4" to 3/8" slices...approximately six to eight slices...

-Toast your bread (my favorite is Buttermilk)...

-After the bread is toasted, remove from the toaster and spread a couple teaspoon's of Miracle Whip onto the toast...

-Next, apply freshley cut tomato's, and for a bit of a bite, sprinkle pepper on the sandwich...




  1. What no bacon? Actually I like my tomatoes sliced with some sugar on them. yum, yum. But fresh tomatoes off the vine even taste good with nothing on them.

  2. Tomato sandwhichs are the best!! I like to slice a little sweet onion or add a little bacon.. Of course around her Miracle whip is just wrong and we go with Helmans Mayo!lol

  3. I'm with ya, dear. Especially if we are out of bacon! (What, no bacon?) That's impersable!

  4. Just add a slice of cheese. yummmmmmmm!!!!!

  5. Denise, nah...pepper is my fave...Sugar??? hmmmm...okay!!!

    I agree, off the vine is "devine"!!!

  6. Tonia, the addition of the onion sounds tasty...will have to try it...Miracle Whip around here, Mayo tastes better though, agreed, but Miracle Whip is better for the ticker...LOL

  7. Nancy, bacon is good too, but I have become partial to just the tomato with mayo on toast...

  8. SFG, has to be Colby Jack!!! ;-)