Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's about time...

that I got off my lazy ass and posted something...So here it is...

1. We have consistently gotten one egg per day all week!!! Between the hours of 8am and 10am, (we can set our watches) one of the girls is routinely doing her job!!! And contrary to what I have read, the nesting boxes "aren't" tucked away in a dark corner and they still seem to be laying...Maybe our chicken's
are "renegade's", you know...the type that break "all the rules"...and that is just cool!!!

2. We have a chicken that continues to think it is okay to take a crap in the waterer...and that is just wrong!!!

3. Today, I took 3 computer monitor's, two CPU's and two coffee can's of "spent" batteries to our recycle center...I left the recycle center "minus" $62.10 from our checking account...are you f'ing kidding me??? I am all about recycling and feel it is definitely my obligation to do my part...even if it means driving 20 miles to do it, but come on!!! Apparently, my county has decided to turn a recycle center into a profit center too!!! Maybe I'm wrong, but I have a real hard time believing that they don't already make "something" when they turn it over to the recycler's that claim the "good" stuff from the computers and monitor's...and that is just "highway" robbery...I pay taxes...remember???

4. This week, we continued to get more tomato's...between giving more away to friends and freezing three bags of bad one's for the chicks, we still have a couple hour's worth of picking to do tomorrow, and then...we should be done...We even got four more good sized summer squash and a cuke today!!! and that is just awesome...

In closing, adding a few picture's to the blog, because according to my wife, who knows a lot about a lot, says that without picture's, my blog is, simply put..."boring"...hahaha...

Russell Crow and one of his "girls" partying til the sun comes up!!!

And the sun "DID" come up!!!

Nitschke found somewhere nice and soft to crash for the night...

No idea what type of spider this is...but it looks "NASSSSSSSTY"... If I was a betting man, I would bet this one bites...Fortunately...Jan took this picture "outside"...not "inside"!!!

Well, that is all I have to report for now...I know...I lead a boring life, but a happy one nonetheless!!! I'm off to eat a tomato sandwich with mayonaise on toast...and then go to bed!!! And by the way...did you know that nonetheless is just "one" word, and not three??? ;-)

Peace...R Dean


  1. Yes, I knew that. It's a cool word to use. It's very handy when raising children. When your kids say something dumb about why they should not do what you say, you simply say, "Nonetheless," and fill in how it's going to be, with love and firmness. LOL

    I agree with your wife. I find my own blog boring without photos.

    I feel your pain about the recycler. Yup. It's a new way to tax you. I love how communities hand out recycling bins and at first give you money off your bill to fill it. Next thing you know, when you are in the habit, they quit taking the money off. Then, just when you start to feel glad you are doing it anyway, they start to charge you - when you know good and well they are selling it. Government... by the government, of the government, and for the government. New motto.

    We had a really bad tomato year down here. Too hot, I guess. Yours sounds amazing! Way to go!

    I've ne'er had a tomato sandwich. I like veggie sandwiches - tomato, cucumber, red onion, s and p and Miracle Whip on whole wheat. I bet the tomato is delicious, and a little quicker to make. :o)


  2. I sense a little more "edge" to this post. I like it! Keep up the good work and don't make us wait so long for the next one! (sincere) lol!

  3. I find my blog boring without photos too. The problem is, I forget to take pictures. lol. I believe that God's favorite food is tomatoe sandwiches. lol.

  4. Faith, the DNR has given us a "recycling" center a few miles away...however, my "taxing" experience was at the "official" county recycling center...At our local center, we have to fill in our name and address...Hmmmm...perhaps a conspiracy theory, but why do they need to "know" who is coming there versus just an "overall count" per Saturday???

  5. Nancy, yeah...probably was a bit more "edgy" that's not a bad thing!!!

  6. Tonia, I need to take my camera with me and take a picture of the "rogue" pig I see in the morning...I'm with you on the 'mater sandwiches...

  7. Whooooops...called SFG Tonia..sorry SFG!!! ;-)