Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday morning blog...

Figured I would do a quick post...getting ready to head out to cut and trim the property, at least the former...trimming can take literally 2-1/2 to 3 hours for the entire property, so I break it into quadrants...will be doing the front quadrant "first" which is out front and on the sides leading up to the house...

Took some pics yesterday that I wanted to share...hope you enjoy them!!!

The first water melon from our garden...we're keeping half and sharing the other with our neighbor across the road...

A typical Fall "looking" day, even though it is not officially Fall yet...and it was in the mid 60's!!!

The resident's of Coop De Ville looking for a hand-out...

When are you going to let me go "outside"???

Someone mentioned or I read that when a Pullet is getting ready to lay, their comb gets more colorful...She has the most colorful comb to date...maybe she produced the first egg???

Here is a comparison of our first egg to one commercially purchased...

Only one of our three plum tree's has fruit this year...not sure why...need to read up on it!!!

Buck Elk grazing behind our property...Their rack's are "HUGE"!!!

Chickadee stopping to pose for a picture...

Hummingbird looking for something "sweet"...


  1. Your place looks really nice! You can send some of that watermelon this way if ya want. lol

  2. I didnt know that about the hens combs getting more red when they are getting ready to lay or are laying.. Till a few years ago.. Most of my Americaunas are molting and they are very pale.. Except for one and I am getting one green egg a day right now!lol
    Great Pics! Watermelon looks yum!

  3. So many wonderful things to eat in these photos. Are the elk wild, or a neighbor's herd?


  4. SFG, thanks, we love the views...not sure how water melon would fare using the USPS!!! :-(

  5. Tonia, you must have told me about the color of the comb's...couldn't remember who said that...thanks!

  6. Faith, we feel blessed and are thankful for all of the veggies we have gotten this season...The elk are our neighbor's herd of 100 or so...they are so cool to listen to, they make some interesting noises!!!