Monday, September 13, 2010

Egging 1 for 2...

Went to the coop this morning and found this...

A cracked egg... :-(
It was laying beneath the roosting bars, so she layed it during the night...

Yesterday, I noticed the same nesting box where the first egg was layed had the pine shavings pushed around in it, so I figured that we would get another egg yesterday, but I thought maybe she had been startled and would go back later to finish the job...but unfortunately I was wrong...oh well, I'm sure the third one will be in the nesting box when I get home tonight...fingers crossed!!!

Have a great Monday...R Dean


  1. Ahhh, the old cracked egg conundrum. Do I dare eat it? Nope. Toss it over the fence for the raccoons. Never fear, there will be a 3rd, and 4th, etc... hahaha!

  2. Takes them a while to get into a cycle sometimes.


  3. Being new at laying eggs she probably did get chased out of the nest and didnt go back soon enough. Hope it doesnt happen again..

  4. Nancy, thought about giving it to the pup's, but opted not to...Well...the third turned out to be a "flop" as well...we're not sure if she sat on it and cracked it...OR, if somebody pecked it!!! Nonetheless...very disappointed!!! :-((

  5. Faith, we hope so...keeping our fingers crossed...would be nice to get a dozen every couple days (6 pullet's = 6 eggs per day)...

  6. Tonia, me, got another egg, but it was broken....arghhhhh...!!! :-(