Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pumpkin, Melon's, Gourd's and More Chick Questions...

Check out our pumpkin, melon's and gourd's...our first attempt at the latter crop...keeping our fingers crossed they make it!!! Weather has been fabulous...high 60's, low 70's during the day, dropping down into the high 40's tonight...YEAH!!! Fall is just around the corner!!!

Future "Jack-O-Lantern"...

Nice melon's...

Beautiful specimen...larger juvenile than the one I found last night in the potato box...but I still don't know "what" type it is...

Finally...dinner of yellow squash and onion's in a tomato sauce over spaghetti...mmmmmm...

And last but not least...I came home to find the chicken's or "one" chicken had decided to "poop" in the large water container...he or she must have been sitting on top of it...wondering if they drink the water if that would cause them to get sick??? I hope not, but how do you prevent them from doing that. I have both water stations up on bricks...The smaller of the two was knocked completely over...maybe they were suffering separation anxiety today!!! hahaha...what do you think???


  1. Chickens and poopy water seem to go hand in hand. They are not real particular about it and I've never had any die from the poopy water.

    This is a very common scene:

    You can make waterers from buckets and install little ball water nipples, like the waters you'd hang in a rabbit cage, and hang those up, but you'd need to find a cover to keep the junk out.

    You can hang standard waterers up in the air so chicken fannies don't swing over the water as they are moving about, and you can fashion a shallow plastic cone over the top, with the hanging chain running through it, so they can't land on the top and release the bombs from above.

    There's a few ideas. :o)

    Beautiful melon and squash! Those are gonna be tasty.


  2. I have tried everything short of buying a waterer but I am going to just have to buy one that works. I have done th ebucket thing mentioned above and its hard to handle. I Always ended up spilling half of it before I got it in the right position..
    The poo in the water can cause parasite and bacterial problems. We clean ours out twice a day until I buy the other waterer. I do have a small one in the banty pen it holds a gallon. Its what I used for the chicks and works great for the few banties.
    The melons and the pumpkins look great!

  3. Faith and Tonia, thanks for the advice...I have read about the hanging waterer's, just don't haven anywhere to hang them....And I was informed that the second melon was really a pumpkin...hahaha...but you two probably knew it already!!!

  4. If your waterer is flat on top you could cut a piece of plywood larger than the waterer and weight it down. Ours dont poop in the waterers too very often but have to change the water frequently because of their dust baths. Those girls sure can throw some if I could just learn them to dig the garden lol :)

  5. SFG/Denise, I think I'll have to have a chicken to human chat with them and teach them proper coop "poop" etiquette...hahahaha...thanks...R Dean

  6. Don't you mean a human to chicken chat? *hehehe*

    That sure looks like a great plate of food. Always tastier when you grow it yourself! Well done!

  7. Hunde that backwards didn't I...hahaha...It is or seems tastier when it is home grown....Thanks! R Dean

  8. I concur with the others on this one -- it won't make them sick -- but if I notice a waterer that has become poopified -- I rinse it out and refill it. Just common sense, I guess. Great looking harvest. I'm so jealous! :)

  9. Thanks everyone for your advice. I regularly change the water (usually every night after they go into the coop) because they go right for the waterer when they come out in the am. I also clean it with vinegar about once a week...but I felt bad seeing "that" in their when I got home...not much I can do when I'm not here, but continue my routine....Thanks again..always appreciate advice from seasoned "chicken-ers" if that is really a word...