Monday, February 21, 2011

Drifts...Real Big Drifts!!!

A few video's to see what "getting hammered" in Wisconsin looks like, contrary to what most envision, which is a tailgate party at a Packers game, drinking beer and eating brats (in excess)!!! I suppose that probably is actually the better of the two visions!!!

I have not even tried to start digging out yet...instead, I'm hunkered down and working from home today. I will have to start the "dig" later today!!! Hopefully, the wind will have subsided a bit so as not to envelope us again in record setting snow drifts!!!


  1. This is why we moved south...

    It's been windy here for two days but it's been in the 60's. Knew you didnt want to hear that did ya?

  2. Well, at least the dogs liked it. lol

  3. Denise, we actually moved to the Midwest from the us crazy!!! hahaha...Yesterday's storm got under my skin, I must say!!! Over the weekend, we could see grass, the snow was melting...and then boom...hit again, hard Sunday into Monday!!! And yes, you're right...didn't need to hear about the 60's..hahaha...hopefully within a month or so, we will be in that range....keeping our fingers crossed...

  4. SFG, yes they did!!! They love the snow..Maggy continues to try and convince me since she takes so many snow baths, water baths in the summer are not necessary!!! news for her!!!

  5. holy crap!! That made me chilly just watching those videos! But you know what...I'd be sitting inside giggling maniacally at it. Bring it on baby!

    Well, I'd be giggling as long as I had my staples of tea, milk, sugar andandandandandand. :))