Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hammered AGAIN!!!

No, not's the weather hammering us AGAIN!!! And to think we actually could see about half of our property yesterday without any snow on the ground!!! What a tease Mother Nature is these days...Well, that vision is history!!! It's 31 degrees outside with a windchill of 19 degrees, wind is gusting between 35-40 mph and snow is blowing is life in Wisconsin, but seriously, is Spring ever coming???

AH HA!!!...Maggy's the culprit, captured in the act of un-stuffing the stuffed animals...and to think we were blaming Prince Nitschke!!!

Molly sunbathing next to one of her toys she lost somewhere in the snow and has now "re-discovered" after the thaw... that REALLY grass???

Molly, enjoying some chew time...hmmm...did you take that stick from the wood pile???

An emerging landscape no longer consumed in snow...

What exposed grass we have will be short lived...

Made it through another winter...there is still hope for this little guy!!! 

Nitschke eyeing his orange and blue ball...what else???

Undivided attention...



  1. What is it about the stuffing in stuffed animals that dogs love?! My dog will make a small hole and then pull all the stuffing out. It looks like it snowed INSIDE the house. lol.

    I don't want to brag or anything but I can see grass at my house. (Great, now that I said that, we will probably get 10 feet of snow.) I take it back, I take it back!!!!

  2. My dogs are the same as the above lady's. Stuffed toys are meant to be de-stuffed as quickly as possible. :))

    Ice is my enemy as well. Scares the bejeezuz out of me now that I've reached fiftycoughthree.

    How long do the winters last where you are?

  3. Denise, shame on you for rubbing it in!!!! hahaha...Guess what, us too...our grass is visible least "some" of it...FINALLY!!!

  4. Hunde'll get a kick out of this...I finally took my first spill of the winter...but not at home, at out of my truck, walked around the back of the truck, slipped an busted my asssss!!! I fell so fast, I didn't know what hit me...too bad someone wasn't video taping, would have made it to America's Funniest Video!!! Fortunately, the only thing hurt was my pride!!! :-) And to answer your question, how long do they last??? TOOOOOO LONG!!! But not according to the dogs!!!