Friday, July 17, 2009

Compost '101'

I relocated my compost pile and replaced the old wooden snow fence that originally acted as the compost bin with 4 ft. high livestock fencing. It is now approximately 5 feet in diameter which provides quite a bit of cubic feet as well as much better ventilation. If I keep it maintained, it should yield good compost by early Spring of '10 (I hope). I also put some hay in the bottom of the bin before I transferred the compost, so I hope that further accelerates the composting process. If anyone has any tips to share on composting, please comment!


  1. I can't make a good compost pile to save my life. I hope somebody post some helpful hints.

  2. hey Tracey, good to hear from you! Actually, this is the first one that we have seen working. When I turn it over, it actually is steaming, which is a good indicator it is doing what it is supposed to be doing. Time will tell if the hay decomposes at the bottom of the compost pile, but I suspect it will!

  3. I keep mine fairly simple. If it's smelly, I add dry materials. If it's not decomposing, I add wet. Then I stir (if I have time) and wait. I use a black bin to help accelerate the heat; you know Wisconsin's unpredictable temperatures!