Friday, July 17, 2009

Garden pics.

Garden Ladder to no where!

Overlooking the garden!

So far we have been really lucky with the garden. Everything, for the most part is coming along pretty well. We have already harvested several types of lettuce and radishes. Our squash is creating pretty significant ground cover, so hopefully soon we will be enjoying some marinated squash on the grill!


  1. The garden looks great. Love the ladder!!

  2. Thanks! And thanks for reading my blog, it's nice to get a comment once in a while. We laid mulch this year to try and combat the weed problem and I must admit, it has definitely helped, but as you know, still need to weed. I learn more about gardening every day! R Dean

  3. Your garden looks great. Wanna come help take care of mine :-)

  4. Tracey, I'll have to send JD down, I can only do the grunt and I'm sure Steve is good at that! But seriously, yours is doing fine, you just had some issues with Mother Nature, happens to everyone sooner than later! Last year for us it was in the form of hail! :-( R Dean