Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sick pup!

Water break!

Our little escape artist!
Unfortunately, on Monday we found out that our Black Lab puppy Bucky is very ill. After several visits to the Vet, they have diagnosed him with liver disease. They suspect that he has portosystemic shunt, but without a very expensive diagnostic technology called Contrast Radiography, we cannot be 100% confident. Today I spoke to our Vet and she is going to provide us with some special food that has less protein and some antibiotics to try to combat the illness the best that we can, although we know that the only true cure will be surgery, for which we have heard could cost upwards to $4000. Life is strange and life is cruel, things happen for a reason, although it is extremely tough to accept that an innocent little puppy can be so sick so early in his life when he should be romping and rolling around on the ground, chasing bugs, chomping on wild flowers and playing with puppy toys. We love our little "odd duck" Buck!

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