Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good time in Glenbeulah...

Last night, JD and I went to Glenbeulah for the annual party at the pond at Greg and Kathy's place. The neat thing about the party is that Greg and Kathy encourage everyone to bring their dog(s). So last night, we took Nitchske so we could begin to socialize him with both dogs and people. We wanted to take Bucky, but considering he is still on the mend, we felt it best to let him have a break from his brother. Nitchske was obviously the hit of the party (only puppy there). He met Greg and Kathy's dogs George and Deuce, a Golden Retriever and Black Lab respectively. Another family had Zeke, a large Black Lab who loved to play fetch with Nitchske's squeaky tennis ball. The best Nitchske could to do was chase Zeke as he retrieved it and try valiantly to take it from his mouth, which proved most unsuccessful. And then there were the Chihuahua's, Priscilla and Lisa Marie (guess who they are named after??), he didn't know what to think of them, considering he was already about 20 lbs heavier than the both of them combined. And I cannot forget to mention Shelby, the black Golden Doodle, for which Nitchske had a little bit too much fun with, typical adolescent boy! It was a great night, good people, good food, good weather and without a doubt, a good dog gone time..sorry..couldn't resist some Sunday morning "corniness".

Peace...R Dean "Slowdog"


  1. Sounds like a blast and a great way to get some puppy socialization! I don't consider it a great party unless the dogs are invited.

  2. Tracey, agreed...a party isn't a party without our best friends! :-) R Dean