Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nitschke's week in review...

The week started out like any other week, get up, take the four-leggers out, throw the ball for Nitsch, throw the ball for Nitsch, throw the ball for Nitsch, drink coffee, walk the property with all the four-leggers (Mag, Mol, and Nitsch) and check on the garden for any "ah ha" we have veggie moment!!

It's me, Nitschke boy...

Fast forward to Thursday...and as noted in an earlier post, turned out to be "atypical", Nitsch found a skunk...and long story short, got sprayed!!! I have yet to find a skunk on the property, but we did however invest in some very good "skunk spray" treatment at Mill's Fleet Farm, it is called Nature's Miracle...see picture below. I have to say it works, I bailed out of here fast that morning of the "spraying" using the "I have to get to work" excuse, so Jan REALLY did ALL the dirty work of getting him back to "dog odor" from "skunk odor", so she deserves ALL the KUDO's, I just bought the stuff, but he smells like a dog again...

Available at Mill's Fleet Farm...this stuff works!!!

Last night, it got even better, well not really! Nitschke was chasing his favorite ball, and when he was bringing it back, he slipped and crashed head first into the step on our deck!!! OUCH!!! Poor Nitsch!!! I have to say, he acts like nothing happened, but truth be told, he lost two teeth...and made a sizeable gash in the wooden step!!! So, that is Nitschke's week in review...we have one more day, but I'm hoping nothing notable or bloggable happen's!!!

Those two white things with red on them are Nitschke's front two bottom teeth and the mark on the right is the "scene of the accident"...

Until later...Peace


  1. Wow! He hit the step with some force. lol. Poor thing. Keep him away from the road. ( I will feel really bad if something DOES happen to him around the road. So really, keep him away from the road. lol)

  2. I feel so bad for him! Hope it doesnt get infected...

  3. I've always kept a bottle of Nature's Miracle Skunk Odor Remover in the bucket of "stuff" that I keep in my truck - you know, jumper cables, a quart of oil, a gallon of windshield washer solution, tie straps, bungy cords, things you might really need someday. The reason it's in the truck is because if we're out hiking somewhere and one of the dogs gets sprayed it could not only be a stinky ride home, the inside of the truck would be stinky for months. Thanks for the letting me know it really works. I've always wondered about that.

  4. SFG, he is NOT allowed to go by the road, unless he is on leash...he gets a walk every morning, but he knows he is not allowed near there without me, but sometimes, he needs reminding, he's a boy..we don't listen...hahaha..

  5. Sandy, it seems to work, so you have a good item in your emergency kit, just in case!!! :-)

  6. Denise, thanks! He is doing fine, didn't get infected, how, I have no idea considering he eats everything and drinks water that would turn a Billy Goat's stomach..well, maybe...hehehe...He's a piece of work!!!