Thursday, July 15, 2010


Leave it to Nitschke (our blog cover boy) to find a skunk this morning...I was checking on the garden when I heard him barking, I thought he was out in the corn field because it sounded like his barks were echoing, but when I got there, he was on our property barking at something in the tall grass...I hollered at him to come to me and he did, but with that "look" in his face that he knew he had done something stupid...he got within 25 or 30 feet of me and I immediately smelled it on was BAD!!! I went down to where he had the "encounter" but could not find anything but a the raunchy, musky odor of SKUNK!!!

I washed him down with the skunk deodorizer that I purchased from Fleet Farm, with little success. He went into the garage to stay until Jan could get him back outside to apply more of the formula on him...Hopefully by the time I get home, the odor will have somewhat subsided...

Until later from "skunk-ville"...R Dean


  1. Use Dawn dishwashing liquid plus baking soda. I heard that works.Dawn will break down the oils of the skunk spray, the baking soda will nutralize the odor.

  2. SFG, thanks for the advice, will have to make up a treatment for the "next time"...hahaha...