Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The residents of Coop De Ville...

After over a year and a half of dreaming and talking about owning our own chickens, the dream has come true!! We have CHICKENS, thanks to our friends Steve and Karen who brooded a batch of chicks and held on to some extra's for us until we were ready for them!! On Sunday, we went to their farm and picked up seven Rhode Island Red's, six hen's and one rooster! So, Coop De Ville is almost at full occupancy!!

Nitschke, waiting patiently for the chickens to come out and play...NOT!!

A new resident peeking out from beneath Coop De Ville...

One of the girls checkin' out her new digs...

Inside Coop De Ville...

The residents...

Hey...what? Chicken Butt!! Only Small Farm Girl will get that one!!! ;-)

Outside Southern facing perimeter with field stones placed on top of one foot of chicken wire positioned horizontally on the ground to deter predators...and three feet of chicken wire placed vertically, on top of the livestock fencing to "hopefully" deter a predator from climbing over the fencing...

Western facing perimeter with a surplus of field stones....and some of the "residents" in the background...this is where their roost is located...


  1. Yeah! Good for you all! Nice pen. I hope it works for you all!

  2. Looking good! Have they started laying yet?

  3. Ya, I got it. Thanks for bring up bad memories. LOL!!!!!!!Your coop looks really good. Just for that little comment though, I think you need to come and build me one. But, I would need one for 36 chickens. hehehehe. Hey, you wouldn't want some more chickens would ya? lol

  4. Tonia, thanks, any pointers, feel free to offer! R Dean

  5. Thanks Denise, no, they are about 3 months old, so I suspect, another month or so?? Not sure...R Dean

  6. SFG, ahhhhh...from the looks of it, your husband is a much, much better carpenter than I will ever be!!! Glad you liked my reminder of your funny post about chicken butt!! :-)

    I'll stick with seven for now...36..whew....lots of chicken poop to walk through...hahaha

  7. Great coop, Dean! I've got stones around the base of our yard as well, but mostly smaller ones. The horses and chickens keep pushing them over and we keep piling them back up. :o)


  8. Nice looking chickens and a Super nice coop. The girls (and a guy) should be very happy there!

    Will have to let our hens set next year since they'll probably slow down in the egg production the year after.