Saturday, July 31, 2010

Can't believe its been 11 days...

since I last posted...time fly's...Everything is going well at Coop De Ville, the residents seem to have settled in very nicely. Still have some exterior work to do on CDV before I will declare it complete, well really, it probably will never be "completely complete", there will always be room for improvements! The four-leggers seem to be more tolerant of the new residents, however, I am far from letting the chicken's live a "free-range" lifestyle yet, that would certainly foreshorten their lifespan...

Not much more to report, the grass and the garden are growing at warp speed, which we feel blessed about, well at least the garden part. The problem with the grass is if I cannot cut the entire property at least within a few days, it is like starting over again...arghhhh...but we are getting so much free water (from rain) that we will not complain!!!

To say the mosquito's are abundant this summer would be an understatement, it is now second nature to spray your legs, arms and neck before you venture out, so tomorrow morning's garden trip will be an adventure in anti-mosquitoism...but most definitely worth it!!!

Until tomorrow...Peace R Dean

Sunrise just doesn't get any better than this!!!

Russell Crow and his girls...

Pecking around in the morning while a four-legger loiters outside!!!

New 2 gallon waterer for inside the coop...

A look from inside the coop...hmmm...scary looking shadow, kinda looks like Freddy Kreuger!!! YIKES!!!

Tussle time...the four-leggers doing one of the three things they do, the other two, eat and sleep!!!

Nitschke standing in a bucket of water to cool off...he's a nut case!!!

A jam packed garden and still growing...

Garden variety sunflower...

Reaping the rewards of our garden...


  1. Everything looks great! Our Labs use to "dig" in their water tubs! They would fing water Everywhere then sit in it!
    LOL at the Russell Crow and His girls! Thats a good one!

  2. Hey Tonia! Nitschke is a "one of a kind", he does some quirky things! Couldn't resist naming him, he is trying to crow, sounds like a sick chicken noise..hahaha..

  3. Just had to put the pretty sunrises in there didn't ya. lol. ( Their beautiful)
    Your garden is looking great. My dad's dog stands or sits in buckets too. Funny creatures. hehehe

  4. SFG, glad you liked em'! We get some beauties on Lake Michigan. Regarding Nitschke, yes, he is funny all right...would be interesting to know what is bouncing around in his head..hahaha