Sunday, August 1, 2010

Went to a garden party, to reminisce with my old friends...

We just got back from a three hour adventure to our garden (not a three hour tour on the S.S. Minnow)..hehehehe..and whew, what a productive morning!!! Extremely exhausting due to the heat, but very productive!!! We cleaned out the dead leaves and branches in "tomato forest" and did some weeding too so that the fresh air and sunlight can get to the tomato's once again...

It is so hard to believe that just two months ago, our veggies were "just" starting to break ground, and now, it is so lush and green!!! Fortunately, we have only had to water once from our well since early June. Mother Nature has been very kind to our little homestead's garden and for that we feel blessed to have had another successful season so far. We were even able to pick corn today, so tonight we will be eating fresh again, thanks to Jan's garden!!!

Until later...R Dean

June 8th picture of the garden...

August 1st picture of the garden...

Purple Cherokee heirloom's...can't wait to taste one of these bad boys on a slab of cow with a big thick onion!!!

BIGGGGGG...Summer Squash!!!

Papa Zuch and Jr. hangin' out together!!!

Basket of beans and assorted tomato's...the yellow one's are Pear's (see the resemblence to a Pear in their shape)....very tasty!!!


Ten ears, two zuch's and three squash...

Ya'll be cool now yah hear...Peace!!!


  1. I am soooo jealous! My garden hasn't been very good this year. I'm glady your's is though. Hey, got any tomatoes to spar? hehehehe

  2. Dean,

    Awesome garden. My garden did not fare so well either, like Small Farm Girl's. Sad. Lots of folks around here had bad tomatoes, including me.

    However, the one tomato that did the best happened to be my yellow pear. They ARE tasty, aren't they!


  3. Goodness what an abundance of yummies.

    It stayed very cool in our area and things are just now starting to yes, I too am a tiny bit envious!

  4. SFG, we are very lucky and blessed...we think it is the location, it is in a valley, so it stays really warm down there and the plants seem to thrive. If you guys weren't so far away, I would say, come on over!!! :-) But, Wisconsin is quite a drive from Kentucky... ;-)

  5. Faith, glad to hear you had some "tomato" success! The Pear tomato's are so delicious aren't they? Here is wishing you and Michael a better crop next season!!!

  6. Carol, good luck! I hope you have a good harvest! We have been unseasonably warm this year and have had an abundance of rain, almost 2" more than this period last year, so it has helped our garden signficantly.

  7. Yum.Yum, Love those fresh veggies!! Looks like you and Jan have been very busy
    Aunt Judy

  8. Great produce pictures, keep up the good work! We are growing cherokee purple tomatoes too. Did em last year too and they are fabulous.

  9. Julia, thanks for the compliment! I came home from Michigan today and my wife had two cherokee's sitting in the window...can't wait to try one!!!

  10. Hi Aunt Judy, yes, very busy!!! Mom and Dad are here now, so I will be taking some time off.