Sunday, August 1, 2010

Eleventh generation farm, read on...

You gotta check this link out, it will make you respect farmer's and their heritage even more than you probably already do, albeit a bit of a sad story...check it out...PLEASE!!!


  1. I saw this the other day. I thought How cool was that! That it had been around for so long NOT that they were selling.. That is a shame that they are selling.

  2. Yes it is, but it is a good thing they are looking out for their kids and advising them against taking on the responsibility and the debt of the farm, but all in all, too bad to see an 11th generation farm be sold. Hopefully, the new owner continues to operate it.

  3. I'm glad the land is protected from being developed. But that will make it harder to sell for them.

    I suspect its best chance is as a heritage site.

    I wish the whole world went back to cottage and farming days. What a glorious thing to rise with the sun, feel the soil as you work it with your hands, and drop into bed with your family as darkness falls.

    Simple things are the best. :o)