Monday, August 23, 2010

Swimming in a sea of tomato's...

Wanted to post some pictures of our tomato harvest to date...Definitely worth the trouble of putting on mosquito repellent, mosquito netting and wearing long sleeve shirts and long pants in 80+ degree weather...

Purple Cherokee Heirloom...

Just picked...Purple Cherokee's on the right...

Variety of Cherry tomato's

Destination...spaghetti sauce and salsa!!!

Yellow Pear's and Chocolate's...


  1. OOOOOHHHHH! Chocolate tomatoes are gooooodddd! We planted them last year but not this year. Our tomatoes didnt do squat this year. Funny come to think of it I dont think I got even 5 of those chocolate tomatoes last year...hmmmm...I think the hubby ate them all which explains why we didnt get any volunteers this year too lol.

  2. Freeze those cherry tomatoes. You can just pop them in you mouth in the middle of winter. MMMMM the taste of summer! Saddly I didn't get one tomato out of our garden this year.

  3. Denise, it is hard to resist popping a few in your mouth when you're picking the ripe one's...

  4. I planted our tomatoes waaaay too late in June due to some other projects that took precidence in the Spring. Our Romas are doing well, but the Celebrities are slow to ripen. Oh well, I still have jars and jars of salsa and pasta sauce I canned from last year, so I'm not crying about it! Lovely crop you have there! Yummy.

  5. SFG, come on up, we still have plenty to pick!!! We'll share!!! :-) Remember you like them frozen, not sure about that them fresh myself!!!

  6. Nancy, we've gotten quite a few Roma's too, Jan likes to use them for salsa also...Not sure what a Celebrity is...thanks for stopping by...looking forward to learning more about your guys flock of chickens and ducks!!!

  7. What do the Purple Cherokee's taste like?

    Wow, that is one nice crop of maters!

  8. Hunde, thanks! The Cherokee's are very tasty...kind of hard to describe, but very good all the same...This was the first heirloom we have tried...they get big fast, and start to crack, so you have to watch them closely...going down to the garden tonight, probably will be getting the last of them...