Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wake up call...

Had a beautiful sunrise this morning, it was in the high 40's, maybe a bit into the very low 50's, but just chilly enough to see your breath and it was MOSQUITO FREE!!!

Wake up call from Russell Crow...

Sunrise series from this morning...

Tomato's, tomato's everywhere...


  1. Ahh The Tomatoes!! If Ihad tied my plants up I would have been swimming in Tomatoes! I never expceted mine to take off like they did.. All well maybe next year I can replicate it and then tie them up so I can get more..
    What are those dark cherry tomatoes called?
    This cooler weather is divine! Everyone is a little more perky!

  2. Oh my gosh! The 40's? It was in the low 60's here and lovely!! Gorgeous sunrise photos and I love the name of your rooster -- Russell Crow. Hilarious!! Have a great day!

  3. I'm so jealous of your tomatoes! I didn't get one out of our garden. NOT ONE!
    Oh, pretty sunrise. lol

  4. Tonia, I think we "might" cut back on the number of plants next year, but we'll see. The dark tomato's are Chocolate Cherry tomato's (I think....), Jan will know..I know that they are at least Chocolate's...and they taste wonderful...mmmmm...

  5. Nancy, thanks for the compliments on the photo's..we have our little Kodak digital which we purchased about 5 years it..but will stop at I don't jinx it's being...LOL

    What kind of temps are you guys getting in Nebraska?

  6. SFG, I'm bummed about you guys not getting anything, we are wondering if we have the wilt issue, but they taste fine...We still feel blessed that we have what we have...I take our extra's to work, but I really want to start looking around for a church that may have some families that would also appreciate some fresh veggies...I also wonder what if...we weren't as fortunate...would someone help us???