Friday, August 13, 2010

She's back!!!

This morning, to my DISBELIEF and FEAR, I saw a chicken "outside" of our new "aerial fortified" coop run...I immediately wondered how in the world it could have gotten out, I must not have shut the coop door. When I got closer, I counted "SIX" chickens in the coop looking out at her, and I immediately realized, our missing "SEVENTH" chicken was back!!! She survived!!! It's a MIRACLE!!! Her new name is going to be Lucky Lucy!!! hahaha... I cannot believe it...But now, the mystery has taken yet another twist...Hmmm...I believe I may have "incorrectly" identified the perpetrator as the red tail hawk, at least we need to be more open minded during the ongoing investigation. Now it is going to involve a four-legger "dog of interest". As I take a look at the coop crime scene again, I'm starting to rethink my original coop crime scene theory that had a red tail hawk swooping down, grabbing the chicken and flying straight up out of the coop, landing on the ground outsided the coop, (where the majority of the feathers were) getting a better grip and flying off with the chicken in its talon's. But, as I noted before, I heard a ruckus out there, but I would have "thought" that had a hawk grabbed a chicken, it would have been squawking something fierce. Now, this is my new coop crime scene theory, I think something startled her, may have been something inside the coop (another chicken or Russell Crow messing with her) or outside the coop (a four-legger perhaps) and she happened to be near the one section of fence that is 4 ft. high and she flew upward and over that section, landing right outside the coop, where either Nitschke or Molly was at the time, and they both, or one of them jumped at the opportunity to TASTE a chicken!!! And I think this happened next...she was so quick and nimble, she was able to elude her "newfound friend(s)" and darted beneath our garden shed for protection. The reason this is now sounding realistic is because Nitschke was snooting around the garden shed immediately thereafter the "poultry assault". I even got down on my hands and knees to look under the shed (literally not much more head room than 10 inches max) but I could not see her. So, the end to a story that turns out to be a happy ending, at least for right now. I don't know if she will make it, but she looks like she is okay, I guess time will tell.

Detective R Dean...still on the case!!!


  1. Well that's good news! Apparently the four-leggers didnt get pecked enough cause if they would have they wouldnt have been looking for a "tasty treat" ;) Hopefully none of your dogs will get into the coop itself, but if they do that might warrant a video cause the hens might start chasing them.

    Usually a rooster will protect the hens. We cant have one here since we are in a subdivision but it might work for you.

  2. Denise, I didn't realize that. We do have Russell Crow, but if she got outside, not much he could do to help her outside. Just happy she is back!!! Whew...

  3. Its just one of those mysteries that HAS to be solved - carry on Detective! Chickens will get themselves into the darnedest places - we had four crouched down UNDER the hen house (at only 6 inches above ground) and could not coax them out. We had to lift the hen house off its cinder blocks to get them out. We closed those holes up right away - in the dark no less.

    Glad "Lucky" is back -if only she could talk.

  4. Conny, the four-leggers have not cooperated much, they just look at me when I interrogate them...go figure!!! I think this may turn into a "cold case" very soon, since know one is talking...

    I can relate to your story, but unfortunately, my coop is tied to my garden shed, so not capable of lifting her up...Lucky Lucy would not go into the coop tonight, so she is perched on a field stone beneath the coop, but at least she is within the confines of the coop run, fenced in, roof over her and plenty of water and food... :-)

  5. What a case you have on your hands! You need to call CSI.(Chicken scean investigation)

  6. SFG, what is their number..send it quick!! :-)