Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What a week...

Just got home from a training session with the United Association of Union Plumbers in Ann Arbor, great time, great people and a great opportunity to learn more about the trade and educate them about our products at the same time. Finally starting to feel better now, on the mend from a staph infection I acquired after I shaved off my goatee of two years (for the training session by the way!!!)...OOOOOOUCH!!! Never again will it leave my face, it belongs to ME, ME, ME!!! So now I'm on two types of antibiotics, a topical ointment, using hot compresses and an occasional vicatin or two, all of which have helped me through this ordeal!!! 8-)

I'll close with some pictures...but not of my poor, sore face...YUCK!!!

They only use the lower roost to jump up to the higher roost...now that didn't work out very well did it???

Chick "cam"

Watermelon "no more"...

Syncronized "grass rolling"...

Cloudy sunrise...

Peeking through...

Fresh picks of the day...

Introducing...Siamese Chick Squash's...


  1. The chickens like to be as close as possible. Why? I don't know. All 36 likes to stack in on top of each other. So when are they going to add the grass rolling as an olympic sport? I love siamese twins too. lol

  2. Funny pics!Love the sunrise as well. We have had a lot of those Siamese squash this year!
    My chickens have cliques... Only certain ones on certain roost.. If you aint good enough you can NOT be on the top roost!
    Hope the staph clears up soon that stuff can be awful!

  3. Your poor face! Hope it clears up. My chicks looooove watermelon. They are very disappointed if I come out and dont have any with me lol. Have they started laying yet?

  4. SFG, yes, I see that, they all crowd over near Russell Crow, and I bet he loves it!!! :-)

  5. Thanks Tonia!! I have noticed that our chickens are kind of cliquish to, but for the most part, they seem to get along okay.

  6. Denise, they cleaned that watermelon completely out!!! I have been throwing cucumbers in there, they seem to love those too!!! The face is healing...not fast enough, but it is getting better, thanks for the best wishes!!!