Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fog, fog, and more fog...

When is it going to end...ahhhhhhhh....every morning we are "fogged in"
All complaining least it provides for some good photo ops...

JD took she deserves ALL the credit...will add these to her photo portfolio, because you never know when we'll need to borrow $24 million dollars and photograph's can be worth a lot of money...right Annie Leibovitz? Money...the root of all evil!!

Anyway...I'll end my goofy sense of humor blog entry here and leave you with this parting message...

Enjoy your life!! You deserve it!!

Peace everyone...

R Dean


  1. Nice!

    I just drove home in the fog. Not so nice.

    I LIKE your sense of humor! :)


  2. Its been foggy and rainy here for several days on end!! Love the pics!! Very nice! Its the Love of Money thats the root of all evil..Lol..
    You asked about my goats... Well thats like opening a dam full blast.. Just kidding..
    Yes we do milk most of them and we currently have 9. That number can triple in one years kidding. They are all either a full blooded, pure bred or cross bred of milk goat breeds. We have Nubians, Nubian/Boer(meat goat) crosses and the babies are Lamancha crosses. Next year we will be milking 7. I will have alot of milk!! Thats good maybe I will be able to make more cheese and yogurt. We are down to milking 2 and I am drying one of them off right now. They will all be bred around the middle of October for babies next March and then we will be in the land of Lots Of milk.. I dont have bees or it would be milk and honey.. ... See you ask 2 questions I go on and on.... Lol Scary.

  3. Add a few hills in those pics and you would get what it looks like around here in the morning. We have been getting a lot of fog too.

    Oh bye the way, we all love you humor. That's why we keep comming back. lol

  4. Yup, lots of fog here too. Great pics!