Friday, September 4, 2009

It's a beautiful morning....

Molly the "Corn Dog"
Finally shucked...and ready for the compost bin!

This was our dinner...well not all of it! Just corn, butter, salt and pepper..mmmmmmmm

Freshly picked minutes earlier...

We have had several ears with "multiple ears within an ear"...What causes this? Did we have two types of corn too close to one another? If anyone knows why this happens, please explain...

This is why I love where I live...I'm soooo fortunate and thankful!

Morning everyone...hope you have big plans for your day and even bigger plans for the holiday weekend! Be safe and most importantly, spend time with the ones you love because life is to short not to!



  1. Good lookin corn! I bet it taste good too. Your sunrises are the best. Have fun this weekend, but not too much Okay, ya you can, I give you permission.

  2. I have no idea why your corn did that. Interesting! Looks delicious!

    You are certainly enjoying your country life. I wish everybody could leave the city and experience it. :)

    You are right. Life is too short to waste on seeking only material things. So many forget their relationships along way.

    Have a terrific day!


  3. I love the sunrise photo - it anticipates a great day ahead.

    The three-eared corn is an oddity for sure. I've never seen that happen before, and would probably jump away from the garden if it did.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. SFG, it is really good..just have some that has some additional corn within an ear..not sure tastes much better this year than last, but we chalk that up to experience...We're very fortunate...

  5. Faith, thought for sure you would know what caused this...Yes, agreed, too bad more cannot enjoy the country wouldn't be as peaceful it they did, right?

    Let's keep our little secret between all of us that live in the country..LOL

  6. Conny, thanks, we love the sunrises out here...wish we could figure out the corn-oddity...Jan is thinking cross-pollination...Maybe I'll submit a question to Mother Earth News...

  7. R Dean- All you have to do is ask a farmer about the corn. We planted it before and it had extra "ears" as well. Not that I'm a farmer ya understand...I'll have to ask my husband and see what he says since he is an old

  8. What a gorgeous sunrise photo!

    We have been eating plenty of corn over here too. I may have to have some for lunch today.... hmm... thanks for the great idea!

  9. Denise, PLEASE ask your husband..would love to know why this is...Thanks..R Dean and Jan

  10. Shari, thanks..sunrises are so is the house coming along...did they do the did it go??? R Dean and Jan

  11. Well I asked my husband and he said it was just the way the seeds are. He said they breed some for no ears for silage (sp?) and some for eating and some for animals. They used to get some with double and triple ears when they farmed so I guess it is nothing new. I wonder what seeds they use for those little itty bitty corn ears they use in chinese food come from? hmmm...might have to look that one up. Sorry not much more information for you. Can you pass some ears through the computer though? It sure does look good!