Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Game on...

Garden ladder to nowhere...with a cuke vine finally climbing it...

" Togetherness..."
Can't wait to sample the cauliflower...among other things!!

Go ahead...might as well finish it up!

We had a surprise awaiting us in the garden Saturday morning...SOMETHING helped itself to one of our melons! I left him a little surprise down there last night...we'll see if he falls for it! I'll keep you posted!

On the positive side...we harvested more veggies as you can see...hopefully the tomatoes will be ready soon...getting impatient!


  1. It all looks so good! I really missed having a garden this year! Now we live on a rock so it will take some revamping of how I do things.. But I think I can figure it out.. THats why I have started the Lasagna gardening!...

  2. Tonia...hmmmm...a rock? Do you mean you guys cannot dig into the soil..too rocky? A lasagna garden sounds delightful too!

  3. SFG...hmmmm...didn't think about that, but very possible since we have a "ton" of them around us. I should have asked our dogs if they have recently enjoyed their favorite delicacy aka "deer poop"...down near our garden! LOL

  4. Ah, deer poop. It is also one of my dogs' favotite treats. Almost as good as chicken poop!

  5. Looks really great up there!

    I love that photo of the carrots. Looks like a mama carrot carrying a child on her hip. Frame and sell. LOL

    I remember that ladder over your fence. Is it still in that same location?


  6. Tracey,

    Nitschke is becoming very fond of rabbit poop... :-(( Can't wait for the chickens....

  7. Faith,

    The new "in" thing....carrot art!

    I bet it would take off!

  8. I'm thinking you haven't moved that ladder in awhile. I do love the photos.

    One thing about dogs that can't stop themselves from eating poop is that they always want to be all lovey and get in your face. I've "heard" that dogs mouths are actually cleaner than human's but, blech! I'm not one for poopy dog kisses.

    (Thanks too for your comment on my latest blog entry. I'd like to think he's there traveling with us, keeping watch.)