Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Fair pics...

Cows without a tail....kind of like "eyes without a face" circa 1980..Billy Idol

Female Muschovy...a must have after we get our chickens!

Jan and I weren't sure of the breed? Faith..is it a Clydesdale?

Guess what? What? Chicken butt! Inside joke for SFG! :-)

Quick..someone call Ross..I found Marcel!

Okay...I warned you that I had an odd sense of humor..just some "Friends" trivia there..did you get it? No? That's okay...most people wouldn't! Marcel only lasted one season and he was very disliked by the cast....Poor Marcel!


  1. I cant believe they did that to their tails!! That must be a local thing.
    I remember Marcel!
    Muscovies are neat ducks! They arent noisy either. Come in lots of color variations compared to other duck breeds.

  2. Tonia, was wondering if anyone would pick up on that Friends trivia...good job! :-)

    I know zero about livestock, so your guess is as good as mine.

    I read in Mother Earth News that Muskovy's are one of the best ducks to own, they take care of bugs and then some! Didn't know they came in other colors, good to know..thanks!

  3. Oh, I can't believe they docked those poor cows' tails! Now they have nothing to swat the flies with! That's just selfish. I've been hit by plenty of tails while milking, but I'd never cut them off. I call "Poor sportsmanship!"

    It looks like a Clydesdale from here, I think.

    I'm with the cast, I do not like monkeys. They are on the same list as clowns. LOL


  4. Faith..we didn't know if that was some sort of breed or if they docked them...hmmmm...maybe they live in a "fly free" zone! :-)

    Jan thought it was a Clydesdale as it was much larger than the other horses, especially in the hoof.

    After the monkey grabbed my hand, I started to think...hmmmm...can I pull my hand back faster than he can bite it??? LOL

    R Dean

  5. Thanks, Slow Dog, for bringing back bad memories. lol. But to tell you the truth, it does look like my old hair style. lol. And your since of humor, too much like mine.hehehehe