Monday, August 31, 2009

Manitowac County Fair

Close-up of Native American warrior

Estimated this carving to be about 8ft. high...price tag was $10K

Bear's seem to be popular among chainsaw carvers!

Perfect for the biker in your life!

Another Native American carving

This guy would look awesome sitting on my deck!

Couldn't resist sharing some pictures of some very cool wood carvings done with chainsaws. They had an auction on Sunday, but when we got there, it was packed, so we passed on trying to bid...Maybe next year...will give us a chance to save up for it, because these things "ain't" cheap people, and rightfully so, a lot of hard work goes into one of these pieces of art!


  1. Those are so neat!! I just dont see how they do that with a chainsaw!!

  2. One year?

    That gives you plenty of time to pick up a chainsaw and learn to do one yourself.

    I think I hear the rustle of trees running in the other direction already. lol

    Those are really nice! I'm partial to horses, but the death scene is sad, so my favorite is that funny owl.


  3. Tonia, they have a multitude of different saws and different bar lengths to be able to make these types of cuts. I know when I cut wood, I am always tense, so as not to let the saw get out of control, so I can imagine how tense these guys are making these "fancy" cuts!

  4. Faith, somehow I don't think my Pulon will be up to the

    I agree, the scene was a bit sad, however, it depicts how they hunted, much more difficult than shooting a buffalo with a gun I suppose.