Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend weather...

The weather was brutal this weekend. It wasn't so much the temperatures, but instead the air quality. It hit me really hard on Saturday after spending a few hours trimming and cutting grass on the property. According to the weather pollencast, weed was "moderate" so I guess that was giving me the problems. I must have sneezed one hundred times yesterday!!

When you walk outside, the air is still heavy, even at 9:21pm..which is atypical for the WI climate. Even this morning, the air was heavy when we got up around 5:45am.


  1. We felt that humidity here as well. The tropical air coming up from the gulf.

    Bless you! (x100)

  2. Faith, it's amazing, beginning Sunday "late", I was totally okay...but Saturday..whew!!! Typically, we have very little humidity up here, only occasionally...I grew up in FL, so I am totally aware of how uncomfortable humidity can really be...I remember at 9pm at night, walking outside and instantly breaking into a sweat....I'll keep my WI weather paradise anyday..thank you very much! :-)

    R Dean