Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thinnin' the maters'

Our NEW tomato patch!!

Hey everyone..well, as I post this, we are sitting at 84 degrees outside, feels like 92 degrees and with a dew point of 74 degrees according to

For you weather geeks out's hot and humid!! I have to say, that we are thankful we have air condition! I'm happy to say TODAY is the first day we turned it on! JD thought we should turn it on early and we did, she was right, good idea, it is very nice in our "shades drawn" little piece of heaven! The girls are sacked out and the boys are too! They just enjoyed a bucket of ice cubes, so they are set for another hour or so.

Around 8:30am today, we went down to the garden with our main objective..thinning out our tomatoes. JD ignored the thick foliage inhabited by the infamous "Thamnophis sirtalis" and the "Opheodrys vernalis" and quickly pulled out a half dozen plants, tossing them to me for transplantation. Hopefully both the thinned out plants AND the transplants will continue to flourish! We'll keep you posted!! :-)

R Dean and JD ;-)


  1. Nice idea. I'm awful at thinning because I can't stand throwing away perfectly good plants. So my beds end up suffering for it. I love how you determinedly replanted them in a new area!

    Have you thought about laying down newspaper to kill the growth out the outside of the plants? I just may steal your idea. :)


  2. Faith, Jan is the same way, it kills her to throw away good plants, that's why we figured, why not try and save the them. We thinned some out earlier and planted them outside the garden and considering they are constantly in danger of being trampled by our four leggers, they seem to be doing pretty good! We actually put them where our compost pile "was" so the dirt should be in pretty good shape.

    Do you mean laying newspaper down in the garden to keep the weeds at bay? We haven't tried that method, does it work?

    R Dean

  3. Well, I was just noticing that it looked like you had grass just next to your transplants. It's such a pain to have to weed - if you laid several thicknesses of paper down and weighted them with rocks or something, you will not only kill off the weeds and avoid weeding, but they will also nourish the soil as they decompose.

    And yes, I've done it. It works nicely. It got to be too much to weed around my squash plants earlier in the year, so we laid down paper around the hills and it really helped. :)