Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Dogs of Windee Acres Farm...

Chelsea is posin' for the camera...

Chelsea's "post" frog huntin' picture...Isn't she adorable?

I wuv tennis balls...
Chelsea sacked out on the floor!

Aunt Maggy loves her picture taken! :-)

Dis is myyyyyyy toy Nitschke!!!

Maggy and Molly waitin' on Bucky and Nitschke to come out and play....

Kennel Club...
Dis is myyyyyyyy stick!

It's been a while since I posted anything about our pups so I figured, what a great time to do so! They're getting SOOOOO big!! We have also been blessed that a family that purchased one of Molly's yellow lab pup's has stayed in touch with us. She gave us permission to share some of her photo's of Chelsea on our blog. Hope you enjoy the pics as much as we do!
R Dean...


  1. Looks like you are home schooling there. LOL

    They are cute!


  2. Nothing like a lab pubby! They are sooooooo cute.

  3. The one with the tennis ball is great!

  4. Faith, I never thought about it that way...You're right..we have gotten them to sit, but the "puppy biting" is still in the works!


  5. Thanks SFG, we love them too! However, even though that's all we have now, we would never discount adopting a different breed of dog, except probably a small breed...we prefer larger breeds! BTW..thanks for joining my blog! :-)

    R Dean

  6. Tracey, our dogs love to de-fuzz tennis yours to? I bet you have a ton of pictures from your Doggie Day Care business to share...Glad you're back! :-)

    R Dean

  7. Found your blog when I was blog hopping!! Those are some very nice looking labs. i raised them for a little while and my parent had a pair that died at 14/16 yrs old. They were very good dogs.. but we are down to little Hobo( a mutt that showd up) and 2 little lap dogs something I said I would never have and couldnt do with out now.... I am enjoying reading your blog Have a good night!

  8. Love keeping up with the pups. We have adoped Chelsea from you and love her. She is a great companion. We lost our black lab, Casey, at Easter. She was 12. My wonderful boys got me Chelsea for my 50th Bday. What a great gift!!!! Even though she can be SASSY, we love her!!!

  9. Tonia, thanks a million for visiting my blog! We love our labs. Sorry to hear about yours, pets, regardless of breed are least in our house! Looking forward to seeing a picture of Hobo..I'm sure he found a wonderful home and caring family in yours!

  10. Hey Kathy! Glad to see your post! Chelsea is such a little princess! Can't wait for you, Bruce and Ken to come visit us next month! Oh come on Kathy..Chelsea is one of Molly's babies..hehehe...Do you think she will remember her mom, brothers and aunt Maggy????