Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday morning soaker....

I guess that I better start tracking the weather better! We are currently getting a much needed drenching and I'm loving it! There is nothing better than waking up to rain in the middle of the night, well, maybe there are some better things! :-) Anyway, as all of you with garden's can relate to, free water is like gold! I soaked our garden last night for 3 hours. Even though it is well water, it still is water from the earth, which is no means an infinite source. I learned a valuable lesson, I need to keep track of forecasted weather conditions, period! Speaking of that, if anyone can shed some light on what happened to the wide variety of gadgets available for blogs from Blogger? I had a weather gadget and it has vanished into thin air?? The only one I can find does not allow me to keep it set to my zip code, it defaults to N.Y.

And by the way, I have no problem giving up a sunrise picture here and there for a nice rain soaked morning! It's still coming down, I bet we have gotten an inch or two. The puppies had no problem going out and getting wet this morning while they did their business, their mom and aunt on the other hand, took issues with the weather and went back to bed! Dogs!

Anyway, have an awesome day, rain or shine it's going to be a great one!

R Dean


  1. Dean,

    I'd grown up gardening in California, where it basically did not rain during the gardening season.

    After moving to an area that gets 45 or 50 inches of rain a year, but was in a drought for the last 7 years before this one, I have discovered what an incredible difference there is between rain water and tap water. The garden struggles with water from the hose, but when it rains -- WOW!

    So I'm really thankful for rain as well.

    I check the weather all the time. I don't know what's going on with the widgets, though.



  2. I can't tell you how many times I have watered the garden only to have it rain a short time later.

    And I agree with Faith-there is a difference between tap and rain water.

  3. Faith, we are thankful for the rain and are fortunate we haven't had a drought of that proportion. The weatherman said we got 4/10th, but I'm suspect of that. I think we got more than that. We need to invest in a mini-weather station out here!

    R Dean

  4. Tracey, I guess it happens to the best of us! LOL!