Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday garden chronical

More yellow pear and chocolate cherry tomatoes!

Beets and Greens
Beans are looking promising!
Beets and more Zucchini's

We were pleasantly surprised to find more zucchini's today, along with our first harvest of beets! JD cooked the beets and the greens, the greens tasted like spinach..very good! The garden was pretty dry so it is getting some much needed water tonight. We're looking forward to our beans, they should be ready to harvest within the next week or so, along with some cucumbers.
Please take a look at the one zucchini in the middle, is that perhaps a different type of zucchini or did it just not get enough sun? It has a light green color to it, in contrast to the typical deep, dark green color the others have. If anyone has an idea, please let us know.

R Dean


  1. Not sure why your middle zucchini is paler, but we get off color summer squash once in a while.

    My only suggestion is that you want to pick them a little smaller if you can catch them. Just in case you haven't hear this little tidbit yet...

    The plant will stop producing if it gets a large fruit with seeds. It has done it's job of reproducing. So you want to pick all the squash before they get large seeds, usually zucchini should be picked at about 6 or 7 inches. If they get to 8, they are about ready to seed.

    Pick daily. They can over run you quickly. :)

    Your beets and pear tomatoes look great! We did not plant any of those this year.


  2. My mouth is watering. The picture of the beets and greens...yummy!!

  3. Faith, thanks for the advice. Went down last night and picked the three zucchini's that look like they're on steroids! It amazes me how fast they grow, not to mention how big they can actually get so quickly! Whew! I'm going to make some colleagues happy today!

    R Dean

  4. Tracey, JD thought I should have added butter melting in the picture to give it some effect! :-)

    R Dean