Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday morning scorcher...

Mornin''s forecasted to be a scorcher today! We're supposed to get into the low 90's with the heat index in the mid to high 90's, which is going provide the perfect ingredients for storms tonight, so hold on! As I post this, the temperature is 69 degrees with a dew point of 66 degrees, so that alone describes how thick the air feels.

I know, that isn't really too bad, considering what the South and Southwest can deliver this time of the year, so I shouldn't complain. In the Midwest, particularly in WI, we have become spoiled with our mild summer time weather which usually stays under 90 all summer long.

Anyway, we'll be getting things done early and kicking back in the afternoon, trying to stay cool.

I wanted to share some garden news. We got our first three summer squash last night, yeah! A couple more zuchinni's, green and wax beans and a few more pear tomatoes. My concern lies with our larger tomato plants. They are flourishing, but not showing any signs of real production. Perhaps we have too many plants too close together? JD and I are going to try and thin them out this morning.

Have a great day and as always..Peace!

R Dean


  1. We're getting our first taste of summer here as well. Mother Nature got us used to 70's and 80's in July and now she is cranking up the heat for August. But you're right, we could be in Texas! Enjoy your Sunday...

  2. I've heard the tomatoes are slower up north this year. But this heat should help, I bet.

    Beautiful produce!


  3. Tracey, I know you guys are close to us, well relatively speaking...I think you guys typically get a bit warmer than us. What do you think about the tomato's??? We thinned them out this am...AND transplanted them too!

  4. Faith, let's hope so, because we LOVE tomato's! I hate to admit this, but I had to buy two today from the Pig!!! OUCH!!!!! Oh well, hopefully in a few weeks I can post some pics of our harvest!! :-)

  5. The Pig?

    Could that be Piggly Wiggly? LOL

  6. LOL, it sure is Faith! I wish I could have just meandered down to the garden and picked a couple, maybe in a week or so! R Dean...