Monday, September 14, 2009

Spiderweb and the "Crew"

Find any? No! Not Nah...wait,'s some over here...I located the mother lode of rabbit poop!!!
Molly posin' for the camera...

Checkin' out the "web"...and you didn't think dogs could surf...

Now this is true Mother Nature Art!!!

That would make a cool name for a band!!

Some more pics of what I hold dear in my heart...EXCEPT SPIDERS...I squish them...sorry!!! But, I left this one alone...couldn't find the artist...

R Dean


  1. I loved the pics of the spiderweb. Though the spiders I can do without. I'll take the dogs anyday.

  2. Awesome web. I'm a little afraid spiders but I do admire their artwork.

    btw...when we move our chicken coop every other day the dogs are like vultures. It is the holy grail of chicken poop.

  3. That's gorgeous! Nice shot. :)

    One time I stopped on the side of a road. The dew and light were just perfect to highlight thousands of spiderwebs across a field of grass. No camera of course. LOL