Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Crashed for the nite!

When I arrived home tonight from my "real job" the puppies were waiting for me with open paws and open mouths! What a delight! Nice to be missed and loved by the pups! It seems that I have successfully taught them that when I lean over their kennel area and say "kisses", they give me kisses and not puppy "shark bites" which is fine by me and my hands and wrists! :-) After an extended welcome home from the pups, I changed into jeans and a t-shirt and we took them outside to play with them in their kennel to prep them for dinner. New news, they have newfound happiness and joy in digging beneath the straw in their kennel in search of rocks! Lab's, they are such curious little shits! However, once JD brought the food out, there was no interest in continuing to dig their escape tunnel, play tug-a-war, wrestle or tussle, nothing like that at all..they had a mission, EAT! Anyway, after almost an hour of playing and eating out in the country air, we herded them back inside for some much needed puppy rest AND human rest too!

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