Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We're awake!!!

As I awoke at 5 am this morning, to the sound of growling, yipping, barking and the thud of rubber bones and pretzels being tossed about, reality set in! I have poop and pee to clean up and fast, let's hope it has not been the subject of puppy exploration. And thankfully not. The puppies are trying their best to find the "right" spot to do their business, they are less than six weeks old and can already "most of the time" find their pee and poop pad. Our objective is to get that percentage up, way up! Once I arrived on the scene it was "play time". How wonderful it is to have five little fur balls licking and biting at your hands and wrist, screaming for attention. Yes, it is going to be a wonderful day!

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