Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tiger Salamander

Tonight, as I was returning from dumping compost containers, I noticed something moving in the bushes right next to the steps leading up to the deck. At first glance, I saw a tale moving back and forth, and then upon closer examination, I saw a large garter snake pulling something that was moving its tale back and forth, which turned out to be a large Tiger Salamander. The snake was pulling the salamander toward a hole that JD swore was a snake hole! Weeell doggie..as Uncle Jed would say! She was right, that was in fact a snake hole and he was about to have a nice dinner! Well, being the humanitarian I am..I rescued the helpless salamander from the jaws of the reptile, and then humanely relocated the snake to a remote area of the property, in hopes he will not return! As for the fate of the salamander, I placed him into the flowers and then sprinkled cold water on him, which must of revived him to his senses because he immediately vanished into the foilage. Good luck Tiger...I named him before I released him! ;-)


  1. I'm sure the salamander is grateful you were there. The snake, not so much.
    Is that a chuckit? I'm guessing you play a lot of ball with your dogs. I have a few Labs here (and a Boston terrier) who love to play too.

  2. Hahaha...yeah..I think so too Tracey! What a great opportunity to experience Mother Nature at her greatest moment! Perhaps I should not have intervened...but, the bottom line is that JD "hates" snakes, so by relocating the deck dweller, it got me some brownie points..hehehe...And more importantly, I extended the life of Tiger!