Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The garden is rockin'

This morning I took this photograph from the NE corner of our garden. As you can see, the veggies are doing great so far, thank goodness for some occasional rain and some "more than" occasional watering and tlc. Last night I added compost and hay to the potato plants, so we shall see if that in fact works. Can't wait to start harvesting stuff! Today, the weather in WI was definitely conducive to growing, it was in the high 80's and very humid! I'm actually sweating at 10:32pm as I sit here preparing to post this! Yikes! :-(


  1. Man, I'm so jealous. You're garden looks great. We moved our garden this year and so we are fighting with the grass and weeds and all the fun stuff that goes with a "first year" garden. I'll be lucky to get much out of it.

  2. Tracey, thanks, JD has worked hard at it! We took a different approach this year for weed control. We put mulch in between where the seeds are planted, and thus far, it looks good, however, we still have "some" weeds.