Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's 75% complete! What da yah want for nothin'

Thanks to JD, about 75% of the garden has been seeded and mulched! Yipppeeee....I tend to let her attend to this activity (the planting) as it is highly technical in nature and far more complicated than sticking your pointer finger into the ground and dropping we did in Ms. Goldsmiths class in second grade...Far more complicated! So what is my role? Well, I am good at walking around the perimeter of the garden and scouting for those ever so cunning and "dangerous" grass snakes that inhabit our property and lurk in the tall grass and slither out at the most in-opportune time! Oh yeah..let us not forget that I am really good at picking "stuff" out of the garden too! No..not just crops...After a sound tilling of compost into our garden, let me tell you..."screened compost" is simply an antonym for "peoples crap"! Oh by the way...I think I found Jimmy Hoffa's left eye glass lens in our most recent compost delivery..not totally positive, just spec-ulating! Hahahaha...Okay, back to the garden..we're going to try mulch in between our rows of crops this season..stay tuned and see if it works!


  1. Our you mulching in between to keep weeds down?
    Tim doesn't like to weed, my answer is "if you LOVE to garden, you must HATE weeds".

    Hey try crushed up moth balls along inside perimeter of the garden for the snakes, always bring a hoe when picking, so far I have been lucky, yet always perpared for the wonderful copperheads that can lurk in the foliage.

  2. We're fortunate, no venomous snakes in this part of the state, only on the mighty Miss. The only concern I have with mothballs is one of the dogs eating it.. :-(