Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oh..the pups!

For all of you that don't know this already, and how could you know if you don't know us? One of our labs had puppies! Puppies, that will turn 5 weeks old tomorrow! Happy Birthday to them, Happy Birthday to them..Happy birthday to them there five puppies...Happy Birthday to them!!!

Which happens to segue into a neat quote from author Richard A. Wolter, of whom wrote the book "Family Dog". "Twenty-nine of the 30 million dogs in this country are either "doglinquent" flea bags or affectionate parasites. For nothing more than a little companionship they get free room and board, medicare, and social security. They get all this plush living plus unemployment compensation when the family comes home. Don't classify dogs as dumb animals when it's man who goes out all day to toil by the sweat of his brow in order to feed the family...including Towser. Meanwhile, back home in the easy chair Towser rests up so he's fresh and alert when he welcomes Master home after a rough day in the cruel world."


  1. O thats coool....very nice stuff... keep it up....

    do drop in by mine as and when u have time

  2. hey I see some cottonelle dogs there!
    Just beautiful!

  3. Nice man - you've inspired me to think about starting my own blog (much better than facebook). Love them there pups!

  4. I forgot about that advertisement...Ready for a puppy?

  5. Tom, I'm surprised you don't have one yet, you definitely should. Maybe a great outlet for your art and photography. Check out Jenna's blog, she has two huskies as well.